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Truck and Car Club. This is a fun based club we do not go on how many members we have, how long it takes to get our trucks or cars done, no club dues. We go to as many shows as we can wether its as a club or just a certain chapter.
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 Project: 1 Day

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PostSubject: Project: 1 Day   Project: 1 Day I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 8:03 pm

Well this is my 1996 GMC Sonoma its currently bagged on 18s my plan is to body drop the truck on 20s. It has had 18s an 20s on it since i got the truck. It started out lowered on 20s now it lays frame on 18s for now until i body drop it. The reason for the name is bc everyone alwayz ask when u gonna do this to it when u gonna do that to it simple answer 1 day so there for thats what i decided to name the truck. It has a stock 4.3 vortec w/ cold air intake an flowmaster exhaust. I plan on turnin the 4.3 into a carb motor so i can do away with all the bullshit computers an what not. Well enough said lets get on with some pics.

When I 1st got the truck an it was lowered on 20s
Project: 1 Day Jk
Project: 1 Day Jk1
Project: 1 Day Jk2

Then the bagging process with new backhalf on 18s
Project: 1 Day Jk3
Project: 1 Day Jk5
Project: 1 Day Jk6
Project: 1 Day Jk7
Project: 1 Day Jk10
Project: 1 Day Jk12
Project: 1 Day Jk15

Then it went to bagged on 20s again but was no where near layin in the front still need upper an lower arms
Project: 1 Day Jk16
Project: 1 Day Jk19

Then back to bagged on 18s an gettin the mock up bed rdy so we kno what needed to b cut on the good bed
Project: 1 Day Jk22
Project: 1 Day Jk21

The switch box James built for me
Project: 1 Day Jk23

Got all the old primer off an gave it a fresh prime job
Project: 1 Day Jk26
Project: 1 Day Jk27

After the fresh prime job on the cab it was time for the bed to go bak on finally Thanks to Jerry,James,an Bryan. An also the fresh prime job on the bed
Project: 1 Day Jk28
Project: 1 Day Jk29
Project: 1 Day Jk30

New bench seat out of a 1st gen dime
Project: 1 Day Jk25

New grille with custom emblem James made for me
Project: 1 Day Jk24

Some draggin pics some frame an some titanium blocks
Project: 1 Day Jk31
Project: 1 Day Jk14
Project: 1 Day Jk13
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PostSubject: Re: Project: 1 Day   Project: 1 Day I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 11:21 pm

Loving that switch box and those sparks pics loving them cheers
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Project: 1 Day
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